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Our thirty years of Concerts & Clinics have reached over 35,750 youths.

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June 7, 2017 The concert at Eagle Tree in Carson went very well; Nizon Rogers, Hector Alcaraz, Bryan, Arevalo, Marco Arana, Anthony Falloran, Jamani Tucker, Cree, Jimmy Lopez, Edwin Gutierrez, Dylan Lopez, and Erick Cedillo all won harmonicas! Kudos.

January 28, 2017 The R&R & education event @ Camp J Scott in Santa Clarita went VERY well. Four future lady-musicians won Harmonicas, kudos.

December 27, 2016 Marva Parmes, the LA County Auditor came to again to our R&R & education event @ Camp Glenn Rockey in San Dimas today! She said to Howie afterwards: "I learned a lot today, you cheered me up.” They were a great group of kids; Mr. Green should be proud. He kept 6-harmonicas to award in the future…

November 1, 2016 Wow! LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl is sending us to a school in her District #3, and Supervisor Mike Antonovich is sending us back to 8-Probation Camps or schools in the 5th District like last Fall.

October 25, 2016 Angels’ Gate High, San Pedro says: “I leaned the your never to old to play in a band”. Also, thank you so much Alyssa Alcaraz for your eloquent letter; you are way cool! We have framed it and it’s in our office.

September 28, 2016 Thanks to the LA County Arts Commission's 31-years of support, we will celebrate our 22nd-year of going to wonderful Youth Opportunities Unlimited High in S LA on November 15th at 1:00 p.m.; they were in temporary buildings back-in-the-day.

September 23, 2016 Wow what a great school Somerset High in Bellflower is; this was our final Don Knabe's Arts Education Partnership Program (AEPP) event, as he is retiring in December. Principal Kailiponi and Mr. Ahumada are wonderful leaders. Thanks to the “sign-girls” and awesome drummer Luis; he played 3-songs with us! At least a dozen students won harmonicas; kudos.

September 9, 2016 Ms. Hilarie Murad, thanks for attending our LA County Supervisor Don Knabe's Arts Education Partnership Program (AEPP) event #1 at Angel's, Gate High in San Pedro today; lots of students won harmonicas.

September 1, 2016 Check out a nice article by Linda Rapka in the Local #47 newspaper, Overture: http://www.afm47.org/press/saturday-night-bath-brings-good-clean-fun-to-at-risk-youth/

August 15, 2016 THANKS again Supervisor Don Knabe. The AEPP/Saturday Night Bath Event #2 will be @ Somerset High in Bellflower on Sept. 23rd at 10am! Be there or be square.

August 13, 2016 Thank you LA County Arts Commission for 32-years of funding through 2018!

August 4 2016 Thanks Supervisor Don Knabe, for our 14th year of support; we will be at Angels Gate High in San Pedro on September 9th @10 a.m. 

June 7 2016 Alonzo Community Day School was a rockin’ good time. Teacher Mr. Rob Mirolda played great bass guitar with the band on two songs. It was a Saturday Night Bath first, THREE bass players! Thanks to Ms. Cornelia Emerson for attending again, for all of your help & encouragement, AND for saying we are “cool”, and to So CA Edison & the Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund.  And finally, congrats to all of the graduates, and kudos goes to Principal Joe Zanki.

April 12 2016 500 young people coordinated and led by Ms. Stacy Bertucelli, launched Howie over the 35,000-reached mark today at Melrose Elementary Magnet in W Hollywood! What a wonderful time we had. Ms. Cornelia Emerson attended and is a new advocate.  

March 18 2016 Thanks to the Swanton Foundation, we went to View Park High again today. What a great school Mr. Gutierrez has! Mr. Foster said we have visited for all of his 17-years teaching there. Howie gave slide/web site presentations to two classes. New guitarist Darrin Yarbrough was a big hit, as were Sheila & Dude, and 5-students won harmonicas; kudos. Thanks students for the help with the equipment.

February 19 2016 We went to Bancroft Arts Magnet Middle school today. 18-students won harmonicas! Thanks again West Hollywood Arts Commission and Music Fund of Los Angeles.

February 2, 2016  As per Markus Brox, CFO, seconded by Howie & Mike Tulin

NEW POLICY- Band-member phones are to be left in H's car on gigs - no exceptions.

January 23, 2016 We went to Camp Ozinuka and Munz/Mendenhall at Challenger Memorial Facility in Lancaster. Ms Valerie Macon-Johnson from the Probation Department attended. Not only did everyone play Howie's electric Bass Guitar, but they got to smell the rosin (Pine Tar) for his bow! Thanks again Supervisor Antonovich.

January 20, 2016 We are going to Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School Arts Magnet on February 19th thanks to the City of West Hollywood and the Music Fund of LA!

December 19, 2015 The girls at Camp Scott rocked today! Nine helped with the signs and won harmonicas... there would have been more winners but we ran out.

December 12, 2015 The 3rd Probation Camp concert at Afflerbaugh in La Verne today was spectacular; dancing and appreciation was tops. Drummer Emanuel Garcia took a lesson from Markus, and joined us before and after the event. SEVEN youths won harmonicas, and for the first time were allowed to play & keep them.

November 28, 2015 The 2nd Probation Camp concert at Scudder in Santa Clarita today was awesome. The ladies were very appreciative. Thank you Amiyah for holding up our signs that correspond to the instrument Histories… enjoy your harmonica.

November 21, 2015 The first concert of the series at Probation Camp Glen Rockey in San Dimas was very successful. The youths were extraordinarily attentive; one won a harmonica.

November 18, 2015 Thanks again Supervisor Knabe’s Arts Education Partnership Program; the third & final event was at Johnston High in San Pedro today. Principal Barbara Politz organized a wonderful Thanksgiving for the students. We were honored to provide the music. Shout out to Esteban for the Roadie work.   

November 6, 2015 The Youth Opportunities Unlimited High event in Los Angeles today was a blast for us. This ends the Hagen Family Foundation-Series for 2015.The students were awesome and we had a road crew, thanks! We've been going there for 20-years. Kudos Principal Maisha McIntosh.  

October 30, 2015 The SNB Eagle Tree High event in Carson was GREAT! Ivan played guitar, and Jesse played drums. Shout out to Mikaly Varela who won a harmonica. 

October 23, 2015 The concert today at Moneta High was a huge success. Kudos Principal Tony Morreale!  Thanks Hagen Foundation in Delray Beach, Florida.  


Juvenile Halls: Los Padrinos, Nidorf, McLaren, Central, McKinley, Fred Nelles, Dorothy Kirby Center, Sybil Brand, Ventura School, No. California Youth Authority - OH Close, Carl Holton & Preston School, Chino Boys, Southern Reception Center, Terminal Island (adult)

Probation Camps: Paige, Miller, Kilpatrick, Afflerbaugh, Glenn Rockey, Scudder, Scott, Munz, Mendenhall, David Gonzales, Louis Routh, Holton, Challenger Memorial, Barley Flats

Continuation High/Middle/Elementary Schools: View Park, Monterrey, Aliso, Lewis, St. Anne's Maternity, Moneta, Boyle Heights, Aggeler, Hope, Highland Park, Walt Whitman, Metropolitan, Harris Newmark, Pueblo, Odyssey, Mission, McAlister/LA, Southwest, San Fernando & Reseda, Riley/Blanding & Gardena, Kirk Douglas, Shery, Mt. Lukens, Earhart, Frontier, San Antonio, Ramona, Owensmouth, Rancho Del Mar, Addams, London, Stoney Point, Avalon, Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Young, Zane Grey, Einstein, Patton, Rogers, Cooper, Eagle Tree, Thoreau, Santana, Central, Markham Middle, USC Math & Science Tech Magnet, Para Los Niños, Five Acres, Renaissance High, Citrus Hills Intermediate, Byrd Middle, Southeast Middle, Pace-Campbell, Mayfair, Michelson, & Bellflower Transition - at-risk/physically & mentally challenged - LA County Off. of Ed, West Hollywood Day, Frida Kahlo, London Day, Alonzo Day, Simon Rodia, White Point Elementary, Rosewood Ave. Elementary, Hubert Howe Bancroft Arts Magnet Middle, Melrose Elementary

Federal Nonprofit - 501(c)(3), #95-4441563
State of California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, #1861481


All Points North Foundation (currently pending) 2017
Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund - 1986-‘18
LA County Arts Commission - 1986-’02, OGP-I – 2003-’18
City of LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs Grant - 1991, 1994, 1997-‘15, 2017-'19
California Arts Council (CAC) Multicultural Grant - 1995-’97, 1998-‘00, 2001-
’04, Impact - 2004
CAC Exemplary Arts Education Partnership - 2001-’02
                             Wendy Gruel, Jan Perry – 2007, ‘08
LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich - 1993-’06, 2014, '17
LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas – 2013                                           Retired LA County Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky – 2002, ’07, ’10-‘14, Don Knabe – 2002, '05-’07, ’12, ’14-'16, & Mike Antonovich - 1993-’06, '14-'17                      LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis – 2015, '17
LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl - 2016                                                     Sidney Stern Memorial Trust – 1998-’02, ’05, ’09, ’12-‘17
Edison International – 1999, 2004-’06, 2012, ’13, ‘15, '16
City of Torrance Cultural Arts Commission – 2002, ’04, ’11, ’13-‘14
City of West Hollywood Cultural Arts Commission – 2014-‘17
The Swanton Foundation – 2002-’05, ’08, 2015-'17
The Boeing Company – 2004-‘06
The D'Addario Foundation for the Performing Arts – 2005, ’07, ’09, ’12, ‘13, '17
Sam Ash Music – 2012, ‘14
Hohner, Inc. – 2012
Target – 2013
AFM Local 47 Music Fund of Los Angeles – 2014-‘17

The Hagen Family Foundation - 2015                                                                  The Guitar Center – 2016                                                                                       American Music Supply – 2016                                                                           The Albert & Elaine Borchard Foundation - 2016                                                The Murad Family Foundation - 2017

MISSION: Jazz and Blues music is therapy that educates, impacts and involves at-risk youth.

METHODOLOGY: In-classroom concerts and education with musical selections of traditional Blues composers, (i.e. Howlin Wolf, B.B. King), original SNB Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll songs, and modern Rap and other requested styles. The musicians improvise, solo, and give lectures describing the mechanics and world/societal origins of their acoustic & electric instruments. Students who memorize facts win harmonicas, and they are encouraged to join the performance singing or playing. Sound equipment and stage lights are included.

DATA REQUIREMENT: Location of venue, staff approval.

3 Questionnaires:

1) music styles and instruments remembered,
2) student goals & milestones, improvement, planning,
3) 2/3 page Essay/Survey. Follow-ups include a creative student tracking study, and referrals for study, apprenticeships, and scholarships. Our three decades of questionnaire results are available with an extensive assessment of our effectiveness.

COST EFFECTIVENESS: From $1-10 per student, depending on size of audience.

COST: American Fed. Of Musician's minimum scale for leader & 6 ensemble members, within a 30 mile Los Angeles radius - $1,532/School, $1,750 Youth Detention facility. Rehearsals, clinics, administration and production costs (app. 33%/site) may be co-sponsored by: the Recording Industries Music Performance Fund, the SNB ensemble members and the 9-SNB Concert Fund Directors.



January 7th. At Riley/Blanding high -pregnant teens (pregnant teens), - LA, CA

"The only thing that I feel the group needs to be more active, more moving, also I liked when every member of Saturday Night Bath Band introduce their instruments." Veronica Curiel

"This was a very nice band because it showed the students that Jazz is not for old people only that teenagers can listen to it and have fun like they do with the rest of the violent music that now days everyone hears, it also showed us that music doesn't have to talk about violence to be fun and entertaining. And hopefully we hope to see you soon around. Thank you." Veronica Nery

January 27th. At Riley/Gardena high - (p.t.), - Gardena, CA.

"I liked when the men started clapping his hands and I liked when the lady started singing." Lynette Warren

"The concert taught me about different kinds of instruments. It also taught me that anyone can play a instrument if they put their mind to it. I also learn the history of some of the instruments they played." Unidentified student

February 7th. At McAlister high - (p.t.), - LA, CA

."..What was good was when the teachers were up front." Rosa Ramirez

"The Band was good. I liked it. It was fun. My friends baby was moving around to the music's beat. I would like to see them again. The explanation of the instruments was interesting and easy to understand. I would like to learn to play an instrument, but I don't have the time to learn, so I just listen to music." Scarlett Cruz

"I really enjoyed listening to the music played. I learned the history of each instrument played, and some artist that now are famous (for playing the instruments played on Friday). It was also funny how the teachers made jokes and act silly." Ivanna Anaya

"It taught me the difference between each instrument. For example the guitar Armonic was made by Benjamin Franklin. The concert was very good how they all played all the songs and especially when M. Mantone sang 'Love Potion #9'."
Gladys Maravilla

June 10th. At Probation Camp Munz, - Saugus, CA

"It taught me how to work with each other, how to have fun as well as take care of business. I learned the history about the instruments. I liked when everyone played one at a time." Unidentified student

"Saturday Night Bath didn't teach me anything but it did make me feel very relaxed and calm. The music was very beautiful and intriguing. I would like for them to come out again, real soon. I liked the way the man played the saxophone. The saxophone was really putting excitement into the whole band.
I really enjoyed the band." Kie'onna.


January 31st. At Markham Middle School - LA, CA

"We the students at Markham Middle School feel wonderful of your songs. We like how you work team with Markham band to sing go Markham! you have nice voices and they sound really real. I wish I was in your band but I am to small for it." Rolando Espinoza.

"I learned that my students appreciate jazz and rock more than they would admit. This was evidenced by closed mouths, by open eyes and by tapping toes under chairs." Teacher Bloom.

April 12th. At McAlister/Reseda high - (p.t.) - Reseda, CA

"I liked solo On Broadway... Well it was good and fun seeing you again."
Darlene Sanchez

"It was an interesting combination of music. I liked the way you combined it all together and made it all sound good with all the instruments you used.
P.S. You're all creative." Kathy O.

"First of all you guys were great. Each of your band members has a talent with each instrument. You also have fun playing your music, which is really nice. My favorite instrument was the Afro-Cuban drums. It seemed to add a very unique sound to the music. The guitarist and drummer had a nice beat going on also. Thanks again for coming." Harumy Castillo

"I want to thank you and congratulate you for playing so beautiful music. I also want to thank you for emploring us to keep going even though we have some rough times ahead. Wile you guys play you make us forget of our problems and responsibilities for a little wile. I hope you guys can make it big time some day, just don't forget us girls." Marisol Ortega

June 2nd. At Nidorf Juvenile Hall - Sylmar, CA

"It taught me that the drum was one of the oldest instrument on earth, used
for communicating. If one drummer could play all three drums, the other 2
drummers would get fired, so one person combined all three and invented the
drumset. The harmonica was in a glass band. Then the harmonica was a handheld pocket size instrument. The trombone was an instrument during Christopher Columbus time." Solomon S. MaotiI

June 18th. At Monterey High - East L.A, CA

"For 10 years Howie and the members of SNB have not only played great music
for our students but have actively involved them in their performance. We have had students play instruments, sing both solo and with the band. They learned firsthand about the various instruments, types of music and their social and cultural origins. We look forward to working-and learning-with Mr. Rich and his band of dedicated musicians." Dr. Ken Easum, Principal

July 11th. At McAlister/Southwest High - LA, CA

"the music was reminiscent of classical ,jazz, and symphony, thus exposing these styles most-neglected by our students. The virtuosity of the ensemble members and the inclusion of the history of each instrument provided an important and invaluable experience." Mr. Frank Spicciatti, Lead Teacher

July 14th. At 14th at Camp Afflerbaugh - La Verne, CA

"This concert/workshop was instrumental in teaching about the history of each instrument played in the concert. The audience was given a demonstration of what harmony can bring in ones life just as the harmonious sounds of each instrument bring understandable music to the listener. In retrospect, music is universal in bringing a peaceful solution to a problematic society. This concert has improved social harmony because music has a universal language of its own that transcends ethnic barriers." Mr. Wilbert Watts Jr., Acting Assistant Director

August 15th. At Walt Whitman High - LA, CA

"The musicians and the enthusiasm for their art becomes infectious, and our students thoroughly enjoy the time spent with these accomplished professionals." Howard Katzman, Principal

October 3rd. At London High - Van Nuys, CA

"Thank you again for your brilliant performance. The occasion will remain momentous as a result of your participation. We look forward to having your group perform again." Angela Cleveland, Principal

"The duet by Howie and Kirk Douglas on the song "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" was cool." Anonymous.

October 5th. At Owensmouth High - Canoga Park, CA

"Fourteen students made the honor roll. Specifically Debra Rigsby and Danielle Traub knew all eleven names for the bass, that 12 keys are needed for the harmonica (armonica), muleskin heads are on the congas, tenor and baritone saxes are made of brass, the guitar (vihuela), banjo and mandolin came from the middle east, a trombone can be made from a garden hose, and drumming involves 1/4th, 1/8th, and 1/16th notes." Meda E. Lubliner, Lead Teacher.

"The performance and clinic were exceptional and way cool, especially the
explanation and examples of the drum motifs." Mark Ratkovic, Teacher.


January 25th. At Del Rey High- LA, CA

"I really enjoyed the concert a lot and I appreciated it when Mike taught me how to play the drums. It was a good experience to play the drums for the first time. I really look forward to playing the drums again." Lisa Dervin

"They said it was the bomb." Principal Donna Cassyd

February 7th. At Markham Middle - LA, CA

"They played good music. They were playing good instruments like the saxophone, violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, and clarinet, but it was kind of long." Daniel Roman

March 15th. At Odyssey High - South Gate, CA

"The name of the band came from the old school day when the parents use to tell the kids take a bath Saturday night so you could be ready on Sunday. for church." excerpt from March 2002 issue of the Odyssey News by Jenny Gomez

May 17th. At McAlister/Reseda High - Reseda, CA "The concert was one of the happiest i've been on. I learn that it doest have to be the kind of music that you like to enjoy a concert. I left that room with a present, and i'm really looking forward for them to come back,and give us another happy concert." Mariella Martinez

"My unborn baby was moving while they were playing." Selma Ortiz.

May 23rd. At Riley/Blanding High - LA, CA

Saturday Night Bath was a good concert. Not only did they played the "lowrider" song, but they taught us about the instruments and what are their names, around their time, and where they came from. They gave me a harmonica and a bear to. It was a cool concert. Thanks! Always." Marcela Suaveoha

May 24th. At Youth Opportunities Unlimited High
- Granada Hills, CA

"What the concert taught us is different kind of instruments like harmonicas, banjo, string bass, etc. They play a lot of good music. They taught me that Stevie Wonder is one of the best instrument player in the world, what the doghouse was, and also they taught me about the saxophone and trumpet." Julio Resendiz.

June 13th. At Addams High

"I think the band, comprised of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and their music
honors our students and gives a festive feeling they interact with the band and feel important and proud, a vital ingredient for young adults self-esteem." Principal Nick Bryan

June 18th. At Zane Grey High
- LA, CA

"The students still have the harmonicas, play them, and speak of the performance enthusiastically. Watching the musicians interact, give a brief history, demonstrations, & explanations of instruments, rhythms, and styles all built school spirit and bonding. Students stayed after school to talk to members of the band." Teachers Paulette Blumstein and J. L. Lee "Saturday Night Bath taught me that a lot of instruments comes from different parts of the world and from important people like Benjamin Franklin who invented a instrument that is used now" (armonica). Cindy Ramos