Our interactive concerts emphasize contemporary influences on traditional forms. One-on-one encounters with musicians foster understanding of our Jazz and Blues, and the connection to current popular music styles. In addition to the interactive concerts, we also conduct pre- and post-concert hands-on clinics and discussions with interested students. This personal contact is especially meaningful, and encourages acceptance and understanding of our music. As musicians, we love our jobs, and we are gratified to pass on our own art heritage in this way, by direct contact with the next generation. To prepare students for the event, three written educational prompts are given to each school, and post-performance questionnaires assesses the impact of the event. The file of our own concise 38-page Music History Handbook is available on request. We work individually with students interested in pursuing music studies, by providing lists of nearby music schools and scholarship opportunities (see our Instruments/Referrals Page).

  • Our Thirty-One Years Of Concerts and Clinics have Reached Over 36,000 Youths.